Roaring21 Casino – safe casino with no deposit bonus, free spins and bonus codes

First look at the casino

In 2021, more and more people are interested in earning money at online casinos. Some seek to win as much money as possible, for others it is an opportunity to pass an hour or more at their favorite place. But absolutely everyone who wants to try their luck at an online casino will want to do it in a safe place with a lot of games and entertainment offered by the casino.

Although everyone expects from a place like an online casino that it will be interesting to him, but in any case it is worth trying Roaring21 Casino. In this article we will review all the pros and cons of this platform, consider the games offered, various bonuses that are offered by this casino and much more.

Let’s start with the design of the site, it is made in dark colors, which means that no bright colors will not cut your eye. Another plus is the lack of annoying advertising, which is constantly changing or pops up in the same place. The design of the site is quite simple, which also simplifies navigation at Roaring21 Casino.

When you go to the casino, the first thing you will see is the registration form in the middle of the screen and the total jackpot. Total jackpot is the amount paid to users since the casino was created. At the moment, this amount is more than eight and a half million dollars.

The main currency of the site is dollars, but it is possible to switch to euros. This online casino works in many countries of the world, including Canada, but there are also countries where gambling is prohibited, which means that access to the casino will be closed.

The main goal of the casino is to provide its customers with the best slots and other entertainment that you can find on their page. The casino maintains feedback with its customers, on the site you can find the official Facebook page. There you can offer changes, see casino news and much more. The casino team has a large amount of knowledge in its field, as well as no less important experience, this can be seen in the details of the design and navigation on the platform.

In addition, going to you feel luxurious, there is a feeling that you are not in the online casino at home using a computer,mobile phone or tablet, but sitting in the luxurious hall of a huge casino, completely immersed in the game process. Now you should understand the features of this casino, what distinguishes it from many others and why you should choose it.

Privacy and data protection

Probably absolutely any player who registers on the casino website wants to be sure of the protection of their data, deposits transferred to the game account and other safety aspects. And this is without a doubt true, because in our digital world there are frequent data leaks, and this is far from a plus.

Everyone has the right to privacy. Of course, no one wants an aspect such as the possibility that your data will fall into the hands of attackers to prevent you from enjoying the game and immersing yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

To avoid this, we’ll immediately understand why this place can be considered safe.

Firstly, the site is checked daily for possible security flaws, if they are identified, they are immediately eliminated by a team of experienced programmers.

Secondly, all personal customer information is stored on a completely secure server and is available only to site administrators who are responsible for confirming personal information. Other than these individuals, no one has access to this private server.

All information transmitted to the site will remain confidential forever.

In addition, a huge plus for security is that any payment information does not remain on the company’s servers, no passwords or card numbers and online accounts will be available to anyone in the casino. This information is available only to your bank or site administrators, which you used to make a deposit to your game balance.

So, information about your personal data is necessary for the site only to confirm that you are a real person, have a residence address and you are already 21 years old. All this in order to be able to withdraw your money or take advantage of bonuses.

Important information for players who are going to register on the site. Site services are available only to people who have reached 21 years of age, even if you are already 18 you will not be able to play on this platform. Also, you can be sure that the casino works absolutely honestly.

The results of all games are determined using a special program called random number generator. Every spin and roll, be it slots, card games or other entertainment, the casino offered will be generated absolutely honestly and independently. No one can interfere with your game play. The site administration constantly monitors the situation and condition of this program in order to avoid cases of fraud.

In addition, the casino site can periodically send out information about seasonal and daily promotions, send bonus codes and other useful information to its players. But a significant minus was revealed in the casino security system. Typically, the platform data is equipped with automatic sign-out features.

How it works? Basically, on sites that offer online slots or similar entertainment, a timer is set, after a certain time, the online casino site reboots and a person needs to log in again. In some situations, such a chip may seem uncomfortable, but in fact it is a big plus, since a person who simply forgot to leave his game account and left may not be worried about his money and data.

In our case, the casino did not introduce such a function, which is actually very sad, because this is the first step in creating account security, and even a powerful security system may not prevent someone from gaining user information in this case. Moreover, even if you close the casino’s website and log in again, you don’t have to enter your data.

Perhaps for people who play exclusively at home on personal computers this is not a problem, but even a relief, but everyone else should not forget about such an important detail.

Bonuses and promotions

First of all, if you have not registered on the site yet, good news is for you. At Casino Roaring21 you can try any slot for free, without making deposits. This offer does not exist only for people who have not yet registered. If you already have an account at this online casino, to try any slot you want is completely free, you just need to exit your personal account and click on the slot icon. After that you will go to the slot page and you can try free games.

Also, after registration you will be immediately redirected to your personal account and the casino will offer you to enter a bonus code, if you have it of course.

In addition, each new player who decides to make his first deposit will receive a bonus.

For MasterCard users, this bonus will be 200% on their first deposit, that is, making your first 20 dollars, you will receive 20 + 20 + 20 dollars, a very generous offer from the casino.

In addition, it is no secret that cryptocurrency, like gambling, is gaining momentum every year more and more. For people who use a Bitcoin wallet, there is a constant promotion. It consists in the fact that every time you replenish the game balance using a Bitcoin wallet, you will receive a 300% bonus on your deposit. A very big plus of this offer is that with its help not only the first deposit will be received with a huge bonus, but also every one that is paid using bitcoins.

In addition, there is a special bonus with which you can choose your favorite games and get more in them, it is called 50% – 60% all games are a bonus.

If you are a big fan of slots, then it will be difficult to ignore the following proposal. The casino offers to receive a 65% bonus on your favorite games, in addition, it gives its player 20 free spins for the Big Bopper game, which is one of the most popular games on this resource.

And of course, do not forget about the promo codes that are issued by the site quite often. Basically, you will receive them on your email, you can also try your luck and ask for promo codes on the Internet, sometimes users and the administration merge them into the network.

And at the very end, one of the best offers. This is a 100% monthly bonus, you will receive a 100% bonus on your deposit to certain most favorite slots. You can choose the slots yourself.

All received cash bonuses on deposits, free spins and other bonuses received using promo codes are credited to the bonus account of the game account. In order to use them in the slots or other entertainment offered by the casino, the conditions must be met. Basically – this is to play a certain amount of your money, but there are special conditions, it is best to familiarize yourself with them when making your first deposit.

Concluding from all the above, if you are looking for a casino that provides interesting bonuses and promotions, then you should try to use the services of this casino.

Variety of games

Now it’s high time to consider what entertainment offers us.

First of all, consider the slots. In order to play on the casino website, it is not necessary to download additional software, regardless of what you use a PC or mobile phone.

All slots that are in this casino were produced by a well-known manufacturer of games in their circles with the name roaring 21. Yes, you were not mistaken in honor of this manufacturer and the casino was named.

The number of slots is not terrific, but there are a lot of them on the site of this casino, so every slot lover will find something to their liking, even if it will not be 5-6 favorite slot machines, but only 2-3. Most likely, everyone will be satisfied with the choice.

If we have already started discussing slots, then it is worth considering that on the site of this online casino you will find various variations of slots, such as:

  • 5 reels;
  • Bonus round;
  • 3 reels;
  • Floating symbols;
  • 6 reels;
  • Progressives.

As you already understood, all slots are divided into 6 categories. We will deal with the proposed categories in more detail.

As for 5 Reel, 3 Reel, 6 Reel, everyone knows for sure what parameter these categories were selected in. In the “Floating Symbols” category there is only one game called “Cubee”. Progressives are slots that were made using the latest and most interesting technologies, including 3D modeling, so in this section you can find various 3D and not only slots. Most of the slots from this category are also in the “Favorite category”, which means that most of the players in this online casino liked them.

Each player can also mark their favorite games by adding them to a special section in order to facilitate navigation on the site. In addition, you can rate the game which is from one to 5 stars, respectively, if you did not like the game, then you will put 1 star, and if this is your favorite game then 5 stars.

In addition to slots in this casino, you can also play various board games, keno and bingo, various types of card games, including video poker and others. So for fans of such entertainment it will be interesting to visit this gaming platform.

As for live casinos, then I’ll ask him not. Since this casino is only gaining momentum and popularity and was made not so long ago, this casino is not suitable for fans of live roulette and other types of such games. Perhaps in the near future such an opportunity will appear, it remains only to wait.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The next question: how to put money into your gaming account?

If you have already decided and decided to make your first deposit, then after registration you must click on the special link in the upper left corner.

After clicking, you will be redirected to the secure page, on which you will need to choose the method of replenishment of the account from the proposed ones. You can use a Visa card, make a bank transfer, if you live in Canada or the USA you can write a check. In general, the choice of platforms to replenish your game balance is quite large, the tax levied on the transfer will depend on your choice.

The casino does not charge any tax for the transfer, it will be taken depending on your choice. The minimum amount that you can put on your game account is 35 dollars.

So, you have chosen a suitable payment method, put your first deposit and started playing for real money in a casino. The next question: how to withdraw funds?

The answer to this question, of course, is. First of all, before you start playing, it is best to immediately confirm your real name, age and address. To do this is quite simple, you just need to go to the appropriate section of your personal account and upload one of the documents listed below, or rather:

  • driver license;
  • passport;
  • ID card.

After you upload your data, it will take a little time to verify and you can withdraw your money.

The big minus is that the site has a minimum withdrawal limit. It is quite large and is 200 dollars, which is not convenient for casino users. Moreover, you will not be able to withdraw more than 4000 dollars in one week, which also makes the game process uncomfortable. After the withdrawal request, the funds will reach your set quickly enough, but there are delays, in general, the withdrawal time is no more than 5 working days from the moment of the request.


For users who have problems with the technical component of games, there is casino support. Support works seven days a week, 24/7, 365 days a year in order to provide a comfortable service for its customers.

You can ask questions about various game aspects, for example, support will help you more accurately deal with various aspects of replenishing a game account, withdrawing funds from it, telling you what to do in case of a machine freeze, telling you what will happen to your balance in this scenario.

In addition, you can learn more about the casino from support, for example, when it was founded, its main development paths, whether live casinos with live croupiers will be added, and much more, since the text content of the site does not provide answers to these questions.

There is also a section of the most frequently asked questions. There you will find answers to the 12 most common questions that representatives of the casino faced every day and decided to create a special section for answers to them. Before registering on the site, you should read the answers to all these questions so that later there will be no misunderstandings. In order to contact support, you can write to them at [email protected] at any time of the day or night.

If you need an immediate response, then you can contact the support representative in the chat, the answer will not be long in coming. Most often, you will be answered within one two minutes.


It’s time to summarize all the above about roaring21 casino.

First of all, here you will find pleasant design, interesting promotions and a numerous other pluses such as protection and confidentiality of your data, 100% confidence in the honesty of the casino.

But on an equal footing with these pluses are the cons. For example, there is no automatic exit from the account when you close the browser, the minimum amount of replenishment of the game balance is $ 35, and you will not be able to withdraw less than $ 200 and more than $ 4,000 per week from the account. Unfortunately, there is no “no deposit bonus” on the site either.

It is worth considering that this is a young casino that is only gaining momentum and developing every day, so decide whether you trust your money to this casino or not.

Clarence Powell